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So it looks like it’ll be April before we are allowed to re-open, hopefully early in the month rather than the later date intitially suggested. As you might imagine, we’ve had a very trying time of it , having now been closed since 24th December last year, and we have some stock we want to clear before the new SPRING 21 Collections start to arrive.

If you follow us on either Instagram or Facebook, you’ll have seen some AMAZING BARGAINS I’ve posted and will continue to post. Contact me at the email address below if anything interests you ( don’t message me on Facebook as I can’t access my messages due to a glitch)

Also , if you’re passing the shop, take a look at the shop window to see some fantastic sale items. Again , if you would like some of these, just email me and we can arrange “click and collect”, or I can even deliver locally.

We can also send out GIFT VOUCHERS if you need some of those for a Birthday or Gift. They are available for any amount from £30, and will be valid until used.

Hopefully, my next monthly update will have better news, and we can plan for re-opening, but until then, stay safe and healthy and we’ll see you all on the other side.


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New contact details

If you need to ask us anything, we have a new email address,

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