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Made to measure

Tailoring with technology

Here at Paul Smith Menswear, we offer a modern and comprehensive Made to Measure service, giving you the opportunity to create your own image and design in all your future tailoring.
Featuring innovative computer aided technology, we offer you the freedom to express your personality by choosing from a vast range of fabrics and styles.

The fun is in the detail. Subtle differences such as narrowing the lapel width, extending the length of the vents, or slimming the arms can change the appearance of your garment to suit your tastes, while coloured button holes and contrast linings give your garment it’s exclusive appearance.
Of course, you may want something simple and classic, and we offer that too.
Every garment is individually cut and sewn with great accuracy, and features elements usually only found in the very best Bespoke garments, such as padded lapels, working cuffs and genuine Horn Buttons.

Our fabric range is comprehensive , and suits all tates, with beatiful cloths from many of Europe’s leading suppliers, such as REDA, LORO PIANA, BARBERIS, HOLLAND and SHERRY and many, many more.
With a 28 day ( average) delivery time, you won’t have to wait long for your new suit, and with an excellent range of fabrics available starting at £595 for a 2 piece suit, it’s more affordable than ever.

Oh, and once we have measured you once, we keep your sizes on our database for future orders, so that the next time you want a new suit, you simply choose the cloth.

Whether it’s a new suit or a jacket, trousers or waistcoat, experience the personal touch of Made to Measure.

call in for further details , or phone us on 0141 9431396