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The Lockdown Blues

So I’m Getting a bit Stir Crazy

You might even say I’ve got The Lockdown Blues. You’d be right.

How on earth Susie has put up with me for 9 weeks in a row is beyond anyone’s comprehension. She deserves a medal.

I’m absolutely itching to get back, as I guess we all are, and we should be grateful the weather has made Lockdown just a bit more bearable. Hopefully another couple of weeks and we’ll be starting up the engines again. 

Meantime, if you are working( or loafing, come to that) and need anything new,  you can still buy GIFT VOUCHERS or anything else you might want just by letting me know. I can facetime you from the shop or send you some photographs and let you see some really awesome things. Might be helpful if you have a Birthday present to buy or just want to treat someone.

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy and making the most of these unprecedented challenges .  We’ll see you all soon.


email ;

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Hope you’re all well…

These are strange days indeed ,

I never envisaged being locked out my business for weeks on end , even the thought of a Saturday off was alien to us retailers, but here we are.

I hope you are all safe and well, and making the best of what are difficult days for us all.

Susie is going to have to summon a whole new level of tolerance to put up with me in the weeks ahead, although she has thoroughly enjoyed my ” first week at home” fetish for deep cleaning the house from top to bottom. She actually had to reign me in a couple of times to make sure I didn’t burn myself out .

I remember a conversation with a good pal of mine a couple of years back where we talked about having our own businesses and how our wives deserved enormous credit for putting up with us and our mood swings. Even after 35 years of retailing, I still go home in a somber mood if I’ve had a quiet day, so this next few weeks will be challenging .

Most importantly though, I hope you and your family/loved ones are well and safe, and staying home. We will get through all this if we all chip in and do the sensible things.

I’ll be here when the time is right again, and hopefully we will still have most of the summer ahead of us to enjoy.

Stay safe and we’ll see you further on up the road

best wishes


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New contact details

If you need to ask us anything, we have a new email address,

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