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Time to throw that old coat out…

Every silver lining has a cloud,


And the warm weather of the last couple of weeks is soon to be a distant memory, as we reach for our winter coats. That’s usually when it clicks. Yes, remember early in the Spring when you finally were able to go to work in just a jacket and you promised you’d get yourself a nice new winter jacket because you’ve had that one for 28 years ( current record for one of our old coats).

Well you’ll be pleased to hear the shop is full to the brim of great winter jackets and coats just waiting to find a place on your back. Superb thermal lined 3/4 length jackets from SAND and BRAX are toasty and will repel all the heavens throw at us, while the elegant overcoats in herringbone designs from CIRCOLO are warm and amazingly soft. We have a staggering leather Parka from BALDESSARINI which looks brilliant dressed up or down with jeans/knitwear. 

Talking of knitwear, JOHN SMEDLEY have delivered all the new Autumn V-Necks and Polo Shirts in some great colours, and the completely awesome chunky  multi-ply Merino Wool knitwear from CIRCOLO is flying out already. It’s so soft and supple you just want it to get colder so you can wear it right now.

Jeans and Chinos in great Autumn fabrics are selling well, and our new shoe collection from LACUZZO of ITALY looks fantastic, featuring a superb Chukka Boot in black and brown, a beatiful waxed leather brogue in navy and chocolate and some fabulous new Trainers in great colours.

So remember that promise you made to yourself, and get a stylish new coat to keep you warm and dry this winter, and have a good look round at all the other great stuff while you’re in.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,



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If you need to ask us anything, we have a new email address,

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