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As Glasgow City prepares for a fortnight of massive disruption and restrictions as our beloved Leaders try to save the world, it’s safe to say that Joe Biden and his carnival of sorts won’t be finding their way out to Bearsden anytime soon.

Of course we empathise with the businesses that will be affected by this after the last eighteen months we’ve all had, they could do without it for sure.

However, every cloud….

We have a full shop of amazing Autumn/Winter Collections and they’re looking absolutely fantastic. Great Knitwear from SANDCIRCOLO and GRAN SASSO is flying out the door, and our amazing 7 FOR ALL MANKIND Jeans are doing really well. We’ve just got new stock in all sizes across the range , so it’s a perfect time to get your perfect Jeans.

Our LACUZZO shoes and boots are also selling quickly, especially the fur lined boot , which is a “must have ” for the winter ahead.

We’ve loads more exciting stuff in the store, and our Gift Range this year is exceptional, with fabulous HUGO BOSS beanie hats/ scarves/ gloves/T-Shirts/Boxers all in and looking great.

Keep following us on Instagram/Facebook to see some of our NEW ARRIVALS as they come in.

Avoid the chaos in the City and head for a few hours in the relative calm of Bearsden Cross. Treat yourself to a nice bite of lunch from one of our many fabulous Cafe’s and Restaurants, and enjoy the shopping on hand. There’s some other great shops here too.

Look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

best wishes


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